Poole Review.

Well, Joe Purdy read my private blog and decided he would go to Nashville for us to see him. Many thanks to that!!  We got two tickets and booked a hotel room for June. I am excited, and also a little nervous. It will be the first night/day away from big A. I hope she does okay! Especially for Mimi’s sake!

Ella Kate was star of the week last week at school. We brought in a poster that we made and her special treat was donuts. Then Thursday night I could feel an asthma attack coming on. Friday we were full on asthma attacking. Boo. I signed her up about a month ago for a mini VBS at church…and when she had her attack…I thought, of course…signed her up for stuff and bam…asthma attack. I loaded her up with medicine and albuterol and did some assessing and decided to send her on. She had a blast! She has led such a sheltered life. Her teachers said that she was SOOOO excited to be playing on the playground when it was dark outside! The program didn’t end until 8:45. She had so much fun!

We discovered last week that our hardwood floors have been preventing Addison from crawling. We have been hanging out upstairs more and more and she actually will move across the carpet…we are thinking because she has more traction. Addison also started a bad habit this past week. Usually when I put her down for naps and bedtime she just rolls over and puts her hand across her forehead…now she rolls over and pulls on her bumper and watches me leave and immediately starts crying. The crying is getting shorter…but on Thursday night she cried for at least 30 minutes. I can’t go in there, it will just make it worse!

We have a small setback on our shower. Michael measured the door on the bottom and fit the floor of the shower to the door, which measured correctly. We noticed that a main 2×4 had “twisted” written on it when we removed the sheet-rock. Well, the dang shower door fits perfectly on the bottom and is almost an inch off at the top. The shower door is adjustable, so we messed with it some and got it down to almost a 1/2″ gap….but it still ain’t workin. So we are meeting with one of Michael’s contractor friends in hopes that he can give us a good option. So we shall see. Boo.

In other news…Michael and I are upgrading to Iphones tomorrow! Yay us…no more crack berries. Mine bit the dust on Thursday. It died and when I finally got it to come back on…it said SOS. Good times!


and Happy Birthday to my dad!! We are off to their house after the chiren wake up to celebrate with fried chicken and pie! Michael and his crew put in an irrigation system and did all the landscaping around the pool this past week! I can’t wait to see how my design turned out…I need to take pictures! 

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