One of the things I love about my radical new camera is that it has the ability to record HD movies as well as take good pictures. I thought I was uploading them, but it moved them to the end of the card and I didn’t notice it until I was getting ready to clear the card. So these are old videos…well some of them are.

Well, over the past two weeks we have survived 3 people with pink eye (Addison had it in both eyes, EK in one, and I got it in both eyes)…and 2 people with strep. Don was super sick at work and breathed on Michael…Michael got super sick…and then last Saturday, actually two Saturdays ago I fell ill. I was the only one who went to the dr. which was last Saturday. I tested positive for strep. The good news was that I didn’t feel sick at all, my throat just felt like it had 100s of tiny razors cutting it. Fun. Luckily the kids haven’t got it…cause we share everything.

I have a few pictures to upload…I just finished my 11th hour of overtime for the week and I still have two days of work to enter. Bring in the bucks. Pay my maid. Get er done.

Shower – is grouted. We have to clean it and then seal it and apparently let it set for 21 days without water standing in it. Ouch. My mission this weekend (aside from 2 days worth of work to mess with) is to clean the shower door. Not fun. That thing is filthy and has tons of adhesive on it. Boo. It looks awesome though…its amazing how grout can change the look of a shower. So complete.

Ella Kate is gearing up for a big week of school next week…Easter bunny visit, egg hunts, and Easter party. She did like 4 or 5 hunts last year…I think she might do just 2 this year…I think with Easter being early it messed things up. She also got one of her “outfits” for the ballet recital, which she loved because its part purple.

Addison – seems to be getting even taller…she is so little though! Still doing the look at me on all 4s pose…takes a few steps and falls down…maybe got another week or two before we see some movement cross the floor.

Michael wanted his name in here…he asked why I was typing so fast…so Michael says hi erbody. He is going turkey hunting in the morning and is super excited about it.

We are doing Easter crafts. I have to make a poster for EK…she is star of the week the second week of April.

Pictures to come soon!


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