Leap Year Day Update.

Dear leap day…I do not like you…another day added to my most un-favorite month, but at least it was 70 degrees and the weatherman got the rain wrong…it didn’t rain! And you also messed up birthdays on the weekend etc…not that that matters.

Addison was mad yesterday, so I put her in a box and all was well.

Little humans can be so little looking on big people furniture.

She got in the wagon for the first time Monday and LOVED it! She had her mouth open the whole time!

more kid in a box!

EK has had a bad week and I am fairly certain this is the beginning of why she had a bad week. This was Sunday, she helped with yard work…and after yard work was over, I thought, that probably wasn’t the best idea for an asthmatic. We are having a full blown asthma attack…she is coughing as I type. Boo. I forgot how mad I get when she has them, it is so sad…and I can’t do a damn thing to help her…and it makes me sad.

My loves!

Ellers getting better and better at writing her name…and staying in the lines!

Rockin her new cowboy boots Papa got her!

My tiny love!

In the tub at Mimi’s house!


First time sitting up in a big tub!

I love my life!!

I put her in the swing week before last and she loved it too! Shortly after this picture was shot, the left side of the swing came unattached from the arbor and she dangled…and laughed hysterically. I on the other hand said a cuss word and grabbed her. EK was across the yard and screamed OH MY WORD…and ran over to check it out.

Good By February!!

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