I am unaware of how many years Michael and I have been together…and if I do some quick math (which may or may not be correct…if you know me math wise.) Holy cow…16 years. I am honestly…not sure what to think of that number.

Anyways. One of our most favorite things to do ever…is to shake our booties at concerts! We are older now…and concerts are few and far between these days. I am trying to remember the last concert we actually went too, together…I think it was Mo Fro at a small pub in midtown when I was pregnant with big A.

We often introduce music to each other because we listen and watch different things, but, there is one thing in common and it is singer song writers.

He has been watching the show Chuck from the beginning, and one of the songs caught his attention…something called Skinny Love by Bon Iver. He loved it so much that he began to play it on the guitar. One day he sat me down and told me to listen…and I loved it on his guitar…so much that I thought he wrote it for me (this is an on-going request…I want Michael to write a song for me, for EK , and for Big A…before he goes.) He bought the album For Emma, Forever Ago in 07…and we embarked on a trip across TN, SC, and GA…and the major part was in the Smokey Mountains…and we listened to that album from beginning to end at least 1,000 times. It is so beautiful and so surreal. I recommend it to anyone who likes singer songwriters. Every time I hear that album, it brings me straight back to that trip. It is simply amazing. It also reminds me…of our free-life…meaning no babies. It is fairly difficult to remember the days before kids.

I liked the album so much that I bought his EP to that album, Blood Bank, that included 4 songs on it. And then, in June of 2011, right before Addison was born, they released their “second” album…which is self-titled Bon Iver…I immediately fell in love with the whole album…including Halocene and Towers as my top fave from the disc.

I haven’t watched the grammies, or listened to mainstream music in I don’t know how many years, but decided to watch it last Sunday because I am a follower of Bon Iver on facebook and he said to watch the grammies because he was up for nominations. So I recorded it and fast forward through most of everything. I was pretty much amazed at how bad music actually is. It is pretty much so sad and so pathetic. I laughed when Bon Iver won for best new artist. Really, 5 years later…new artist?

I stay up late every now and then and I was watching some show…I can’t remember what it was…but a song caught my ear, I remembered like 4 words from the song and googled it. I came across Joe Purdy. Holy freakin moly….this guy is absolutely amazing. Itunes had a sale on his albums last year and they were all $5 bucks. I bought them ALL. I am always so embarrassed to introduce Michael to music I have found…but ever since Phish split up, he is also loving the singer song writers as well. I think it was right before his Arkansas Traveller 100 in 08 I introduced him to Joe Purdy…and he hasn’t quit listening to him. Pretty much every song in all of his albums is unbelievable….and I highly recommend any of them. I must admit..I have one that is my absolute must hear in the car song…its from the album Julie Blue…and the song is I love the rain the most. Absolutely beautiful. His work is amazing…

And I am ITCHING to see these two people LIVE! The closest Bon Iver is…is Jazz Fest in NOLA…and Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. Joe Purdy has no tours near this side of the country as of April. I think both would be better in a smaller venue…and I have been checking their websites almost daily!

And if you are looking for new music check those people out and any of their albums!!

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