I have a new hobby…

mod podge….I modge podged three things over the past weekend. One well, two of them were for Michael’s VD present…I learned from the first one and excelled on the second and third one…and he loved it!

This was actually the first frame I made for said “Valentine’s Day” project…it looked like poo in my opinion (I am my own worst critic)

This was my second attempt at mod podge..and it turned out beautifully…I actually bought distressing ink, but I didn’t let the stain on the wood dry fully…and it stained the mod podge…ooops, but totally cool!

My second attempt at my VD frame for MTP…much easier…the first one I learned my mistake which was I had too many overlapping layers and it bubbled.

I turned it into an I love you frame….where we can write sweet nothings, requests, why I love yous, or just to let each other know…just how awesome they are. And, when he opened it, he really liked it! Ha!

Oh…and he’s got to let me know how to glue the P that is laying next to the frame on there. I don’t own and hot glue gun…and I don’t think craft or wood glue will work. I had the gorilla glue out, but it was stopped up!! The P is going in the upper right corner.

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