Happy V. D.!!

Valentine’s Day has never meant much to either Michael and I. It took him years just to even BUY me a card…and this year, he melted my heart with what he wrote in the card. I know all of you out there sometimes just feel under appreciated and whatnot…and then bam, someone might just tell you how important they are to you…in their life. Well today was one of those days…bless his heart.

I have 4 boxes that I keep in the attic, and each one is for each of my family members…and each time I slip something into their designated bins…. I think…I really ought to put that into the fire proof safe. I have kept anniversary, birthday cards, all types of cards in these boxes….and every now and then Michael asks me why I do that…and my response is simple…so that one day, when you are dead, or I am dead, or we both are dead, you, or I, or the girls, will look back at each card and feel the love that we had for each other at that moment in our life. I pray that EACH of our boxes is overFLOWING because of all the love..and all the years gone by!

Here are my Valentines:

Michael and Antioch going to bed…oh yeah, that’s her spot.

Ella Kate aka Tinkerbell Wings!

Ella Kate…AKA Tinker Kate!

Nekkid Addison because she barfed all over her pretty shirt and it smelled really bad…valentine!

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