Cloth Diaper baby!

Cloth diapering is hands down the most easily ridiculous thing ever. It is a wonder that more people don’t do it…the kind I decided on for Addison are Bumgenius Elemental Organic AIO and Bumgenius Freetime AIO. They go off and on like disposables, no stuffing. They are even more ridiculous now that she has “firmer” no. 2s. Just plop them off in the potty, which was what I did with EK and her disposables. The bag below is a type of odorless wet bag…that is an anti-microbial laundry sack…I put all the dirties in there til wash day which is every third day.

and here is part of her stash drying inside. Since January was so warm I lined dried outside many times…and apparently when you line dry outside it naturally bleaches them…which gets rid of any stains. Amazing.

When I line dry outside, it takes a couple hours for them to dry….and when I do it inside it takes about all night to dry them.

I know cloth diapering isn’t for everyone…Addison is in them all day and I use a disposable at night. She sleeps from 7-7 and I don’t even want to try to see if they stay leak free at night…that’s a heap of time in a diaper. Plus, I am at home with her ALL the time. It will be interesting to find out if her teachers will accept it when she starts preschool in the fall.

Which brings on another topic. I registered Addison for school before she was even born. I am super happy with Ella Kate’s preschool. They have a good curriculum and teachers and Ella Kate was so close to not getting in…but due to her mother annoying the director, she got in. She was 5th on the waiting list and the director had to wait and see if they would call back…and they hadn’t still after 3 days…I called everyday and she ended up giving her a spot. Yay. Next fall will be Ella Kate’s last year in preschool and siblings get an automatic in. So 1. I didn’t want to risk not having a position again and 2. I am thinking it might help with the being separated from me earlier.

As mentioned, my kids are always around me, and usually me alone. It was and is still hard for Ella Kate to leave me unless it is to go with family, school, or ballet. She still freaks out at church. I was hoping Addison could go just one day, but she will be in the toddler class in the fall and they have to go two days. So two day it is. So crazy!!

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