Bumbo, Dad, Outside playtime!

this post will be short and sweet…when we are in the kitchen, Addison is on the counter in her bumbo…or in her johnny jump-up which is in the kitchen “door.” So here is the little lady…sittin in the kitchen.

Stink face!


That thing in her mouth is fantastic! I wish I had known about those when EK was a wee one. I put ice cubes in them and she sucks on them. Super good for a fussy baby…little messy though!

This was last Saturday…pretty typical during dinner time.

Here is the conversation: “Michael, I am going to take yalls picture.”
Insert Michael’s typical picture taking face.

“Michael, do you ever smile for the camera?”

and here is what you get. Addison looks like a ghost.


Bouncin outside.



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