Way too busy.

Not much to report, work is taking up most of my free time. Yay and boo. Working from the house often leaves very little for me to do around the house. I did take 30 minutes to declutter piles of stuff that somehow managed to accumulate from Friday – Tuesday.

Good news is flowers are finished. I also just closed out January for the chemical department…now I just have to work on maintenance reports.

I have a bunch of pictures to upload…and today while we were at ballet, I uploaded Addison’s 7 month pictures and EK’s 4 year pictures that Marilyn took on Saturday…they turned out fantastic!

I must warn you, I was aware of the fact that Addison does resemble me a good bit…and I nearly pooped when I saw the pictures, she looks pretty much exactly like me! I was amazed!

Thanks again Marilyn! You did a fantastic job!! Love them to pieces!

On a different note…the clean eating is going well. I haven’t laid eyes on a fast food joint in over a month…and haven’t had anything to drink except water…and all we have had to eat has been all sorts of vegetables and either pork, chicken, or red meat. Nothing out of a box! I weighed myself about 2 weeks ago and was 5 freakin lbs away from my wedding weight. All by changing the way I eat. I was amazed. I started Insanity last week and have been sore pretty much everyday. It is tough, but I love some resistance training. I can tell I have lost more weight because I am constantly pulling up my jeans. I am not trying to loose weight, that is not why I started doing it. I want to be healthier and stronger. I must admit, I feel better than before, my energy level is up, although it does get frazzled with a teething baby. We are a bunch of juicing, bread making, vegetable eating fools! I am about to sign us up for a full vegetable load on our CSA for this year…I can’t wait to get my hands on those cherry “crack” tomatoes!

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