You know, you think for landscapers, the dead of winter would mean a slow time. Oh heck to the no. I have got so much on my work plate that I am about to flip out. A few seconds ago I just finished up all the production I had to enter…and now I have to work on changing glitches in our systems that didn’t cooperate when we flipped it from 2011 to 2012. Not complaining, but we have been told no overtime for Jan. and Feb. Boo. On top of topping out at 40 hours I have started my spring flower order. It was delayed this year because our biggest client kept saying crazy thing regarding plants. We met with them last Thursday and I am full steam ahead. I am hoping to have those finished by the end of next week.

I have some exciting news! Our best friends, the Kerstings, had their twins this past weekend…Dillon was first at 5lbs. 5oz. and Amelia was second at 6lbs. 11ozs. Amanda texted me Friday night around 9:30 that her water broke…and then Mark called me to ask if there was an ER entrance to the OB wing. I was on the phone with Mark for most of the night and at sometime between 4 and 4:30am, they were born. I got a picture of them at 4:39 and talked on the phone with Mark again at 5:00! Dillon is doing well and little Amelia is in the NICU, with underdeveloped lungs. Amanda, Mark, and Dillon are going home tomorrow and they are thinking that Amelia will have to stay in the NICU for at least two more weeks. So we are praying hard hard core that her little lungs develop and she can go home too! I have pictures to post, but won’t do it until Amanda gives me the go ahead…and she is able to post too! So Congratulations Yall! We love all 4 of you sooo much!!

And for an update on my resolutions for 2012…we are 17 days in and I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper or any fast food! Yay me! I can start to feel a difference in the way I feel. I have heard about that before…and have found that yes, if you do start to eat “cleaner” then your body will respond as well. The only places I shop at Kroger are the fresh produce aisle, the dairy aisle, and the frozen vegetable aisle. We get the Sunday paper so I can clip coupons…and well, there aren’t any coupons for that kind of food. We have been doing a meatless Monday for years now…and now we are having about 3-4 meatless nights a week. We have potato nights, a huge salad night, sometimes breakfast sans meat, and our favorite…PASTA night! We use all whole grain pasta and throw in all kinds of vegetables and cheeses and spices..so fun! I have also noticed that my “craving” for sweetness has pretty much ceased. We also decided to make our own bread. We tried two recipes last week that could be labeled “assault with a deadly weapon.” They were hard as a rock. We were so excited to bust out bread that we just used regular white flour and regular wheat flour…not a good idea. So I checked out a bunch of bread making recipes from the library and started with an unhealthy white bread, but at least I know the ingredients. I wanted to try something easy before I try 100% whole wheat…which is what I want. I have found different recipes that I want to try…and hopefully one will work. I have to admit, my house smells ridiculously good right now…and the bread, looks like its gonna be good. Ha!

My next venture is a juicer. If you keep up with the news, then you have seen clips about arsenic in apple juice, and I saw on Dr. Oz a clip of why the FDA might start regulating orange juice. I have found a website about all kinds of juice recipes using fruits and vegetables. I am hoping to score one of those for free at Kohl’s tomorrow using Kohl’s cash and coupons…they just need to have it in stock and we are game on.

Oh we also have another venture…I did P90x in winter 2010 and Michael and I did it during the summer 2010. I did like doing it, but I have never been a fan of lifting weights. I have always been a fan of using my body as resistance. So…after talking with our friend Patrick…and watching infomercials about a program (nothing on tv) we have both decided to try Insanity. Who knows how that will go, but I am looking forward to it. Michael now calls himself Chubbs, instead of Hubbs. He is also excited about the way we are eating now, I thought he would frown upon it, but he is all into eating healthy now. He tells people that he didn’t know that we were not eating fast food for the year…I said that was my resolution, not yours! So Insanity should arrive next week, and it ought to be insane. I am looking forward to being in the best health and shape than I have ever been in my life! I want to be 90 and still annoying my kids!

Now off to have a nice slice of “clean” white bread!


3 thoughts on “Oh…my…word…

  1. We have an awesome juicer and I have some GREAT recipes! My fave is the “Mean Green” – it's kale, spinach, celery, green apples, ginger… I think that's it. YUM!

  2. ok, I got a bread maker for Christmas and totally want to start making my own wheat bread too!!! I am starting from zero bread making knowledge- so when you find a good recipe please pass it on!!!


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