In totally random order…

Ella Kate complete with wand, tutu, and her new bike.

Mom and Addison…Mom with her usual left shoulder slobber/snot.

Annie and Ella Kate sporting the new dress-up outfits!

Addison anxiously opening her present!

Ella Kate sporting new tutu and new bathrobe.

Ella Kate’s favorite toy this year…a camera!

Complete and total Poole Christmas present opening extravaganza!

Addison, on Christmas morning.

Sitting-up Addison checking out her Ho Ho loot!

Ellers checking out her stocking.

Addison and Mom.

We had a ridiculously good Christmas this year…the kids got way too much stuff! We were so glad to have been able to spend it with our families! We got Ella Kate up early on Christmas Day so she could look at her Ho Ho loot…and then we got Addison up and let her check hers out…then we got ready and went on over to my parent’s house. My Aunt Judy and cousin Bill were in town for a few more hours. We ate breakfast and opened presents. Then we took naps and packed our stuff up and headed to the Poole’s. We ate dinner and opened presents and hung out…then the kids started loosing their Christmas cheer and we had to bail out! The next day we tore down our Christmas, organized the attic, organized the upstairs, and Addison’s closet. We had to make room for the new toys!

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