Ella Kate was super excited to celebrate her birthday this year. She new it came after Christmas and every day in between Christmas and NYE, she asked if it was her birthday yet. We brainstormed ideas for her birthday in October and she decided on a ballerina birthday. I wanted to do more stuff for it, but due to the family being sick…I was busy taking care of sick folk. I also decided that I need to have her birthday stuff planned out and bought before Thanksgiving…because trying to take care of birthday business during the Christmas season was stupid. I have a two hour window every afternoon and can only take it by myself on the weekend. I went into hobby lobby one day and walked right out when I saw the line. I can’t spend precious time standing in line. So…mental note made for next year…or this year!

I did what I could…and Ella Kate had fun, so I guess that is all that matters!

So what is Ella Kate up too…um, everything and then some.

I guess her biggest changes of this year is learning her letters, not so much her numbers…and she can cut with scissors. She loves ballet…like really loves it. She really loves to play dress-up…as seen in the Christmas pictures, she got two tutu outfits and she puts them on daily. She got another one for her birthday too! I might have ordered two more, a Tinkerbell and a Rapunzel outfit for Easter and Valentines…they were on clearance for dirty cheap. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She loves school She LOVES Addison, she tries to make her laugh and comforts her when she cries. She is a good eater…we make her try everything we eat and she can not eat it if she doesn’t want too, just as long as she tries. She ate greens on NY Day. She loves watching movies. I recently re-organized the upstairs…I had to lock up some of my craft and art supplies. She has been going up there by herself and knows that she can’t make a mess out of it all, or she won’t be allowed up there by herself.

She is a great kid…I think I will keep her for a while longer! We went to the dr. today for her 4 year check-up. All looks good. She weighed 34 1/2 lbs and was 44 1/2 inches tall. She got her finger pricked and cried like a baby. She later showed Michael her boo boo…and then she said that Addison got a shot and she cried like a baby, I had to remind her that she too, cried like a baby. No shots, she gets 4 when she turns 5. Ruhroh.

I am glad this picture came in first…this is Ella Kate around 11:30 on NYE. She was so excited about her birthday and all that and she partied in her room till about 12. I went in because I heard a noise and she had dressed herself like this…like I said, loves to dress-up.

The 4 of us!

Ella Kate blowing out her candles…I got her another ice cream cake because she dislikes cake.

Oh yes, Addison got a tutu too!

Anna Claire and Ella Kate dancing!

I got her this crazy toy…its a jumping hot dog…it is crazy!

opening presents with AC’s help!

I try to have some crafts for the kids to do…and this year they decorated wooden ballerinas and made pixie dust. Both AC and EK watch Jake and the Neverland pirates and they were thrilled to have their very own pixie dust…we had pixie dust all over the house!

Again, loves dress-up.

Mom and Dad with the birthday girl!


Birthday girl outfit…monogrammed sweatshirt by Mimi!

Birthday tradition…eating at IHOP in the morning!

more crafting!

Love you to the moon and back little Ellagator…It is outrageously amazing how fast those little people grow!

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