and my NY resolutions for 2012:

to eat more “clean”…more whole foods, more fruits, more vegetables, less meat. To rid my pantry of “easy” staples (rice and pasta roni). Most of the things we do eat are organic…some are not…Addison is 100% organic…Ella Kate about 90%…and we are about 70% organic.

to not eat any fast food, unless it is a last resort. That stuff is so unhealthy, so I decided I didn’t need it in my life. I was treating Ella Kate to a happy meal every other Wednesday, and got her hooked on the apples and chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. That is a little better…but or the most part, I am done. No more…unless it is absolutely necessary.

to not drink anymore caffeine…I am not sure if this will be possible because I do love me a Dr. Pepper. I have never been a coffee drinker…but Dr. P is one of my weak spots.

So last year, the household went green…and this year…our bodies.

Cheers to a healthier 2012!!

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