2011 in review

Well another year down. Overall it was an awesome good year! A little background information…Michael and I set down on the red couch in August of 2010 and discussed the possibilities of having another kid. I wasn’t working, so we new that this would be a really hard year overall. When we reached the decision of having another kid, I immediately started praying that somehow, we would be able to pull this off. Two weeks after that decision, I was pregnant. I really really started praying each night for God to take care of this family, and that the new baby would be healthy, happy, and strong. A prayer that I still pray for each of my children each and every night.

In December 2010, prayers were answered. I met with the bigwigs at Highwoods, Adsit’s top client. This was a flower meeting that I have every winter to discuss flowers and Don likes to sit in on it. After the meeting he pulled me aside and asked if I would be interested in running Best Lawn’s new computer program. He said it would be perfect for me…stay at home, work in my jammies, and work whenever I could. I nearly pooped my pants. Prayers were answered. I worked 40+ hours every week in 2011. So the two most things I am thankful for are being employed (at home) and little Addison. With me working, we not only were able to afford another kid…but put hardwood floors down as well. Thankfully, we have arrived debt free (minus a small student loan and mortgage) in 2012.

As previously mentioned I pray that my kids are strong, healthy, and happy every night. We almost made it through the year without being in the ER. Little A went last week for dehydration. But anyway, I think I might have a handle on Ella Kate’s asthma situation. I am praying for even fewer outbreaks this year…with the help of the preventative medicines she is on.

If you recall, one of my New Year’s resolutions was for our house to become more green. I think its one of the best decisions I have ever made. We use reusable bags while shopping, cloth napkins, CFL light bulbs, rags for almost anything…we grew most of our own vegetables and we also had the CSA which I am renewing next week. We recycle like maniacs…I even have Ella Kate doing it…I hand her something and say “Save IT” (save the earth) and she takes it out to the recycling bins. I still line-dry. I bought this crazy contraption at Costco over the summer to handle the girl’s clothes and it fits them perfectly…with room to grow. As far as cleaning products go, I still make my own. I do however use Clorox cleanup and bleach. Nothing can beat that. The shower just wasn’t staying clean, and I couldn’t get it clean with what I was using. So we use those two in the bathrooms and kitchen. I also found a new love in December…a steam mop. It gets the floors outrageously clean…using only water. I do need to get down on my hands and knees again and clean the grout.

And the one green thing I never did talk about, cloth diapers. Addison is wearing cloth diapers. I absolutely love them. I was hesitant at first, but have got it all figured out now. Michael installed a diaper sprayer in their bathroom. It is basically one of those hand held sprayer like you have at the kitchen sink. It blasts the poo of the dipes. I have about 18 diapers and that usually lasts about 3 days. I am about to order some more because about half of them are a small in size…and she probably has about another 2 weeks in those. I have three favorites, Bumgenius Elementals AIO (all in one), Bottombumpers side snaps AIO, and Bumgenius free style AIO. I like the all in ones because you don’t have to stuff them and all that. Plus she can wear them till she is out of diapers. I have yet to use CD (cloth diapers) at night. My kids sleep…a lot…12 hours or more a night. She naps in them, I just use a disposable at night. One of the reasons why it took me a while to like CD is because they are a little bit bulkier than disposables. So I decided that if she does wear a skinny jean or something like that, I will put her in a disposable. Also, I am not sure how the preschool will feel about CD. They are ridiculously cute though!!

2011 will definitely be one of my most favorite years on record! Obviously the biggest change was Addison. I honestly can’t even remember my life before her. She is so precious and happy. We are so blessed to have yet another one of God’s beautiful creations. I am looking forward to watching her grow up over these next years!

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