Things will never go according to plan…

I am currently sorting and uploading Christmas pictures and Birthday pictures. I was going to try and post these before 2012 hit…well, the s%$# hit the fan last week.

Michael has been sick for about a week and a half. Ella Kate has been sick about two weeks. Addison started getting stuffy and congested a week ago, she is still battling her sick. Last Thursday, I decided to go ahead and get every one’s ailment. Yay.

Small story…Addison began to get stuffy Monday night, I could tell she was not feeling good. Tuesday she woke up with snot all over and a nasty cough. I took her to the dr. at 11:30 and Dr. Scott said she had a bad virus. She was running a low grade fever…and as usual you can’t give tiny babies anything but Tylenol. He also told us what to do if we noticed some RSV developing…and since I am a pro at asthma, I knew what to do and how much albuterol to give big A. Wednesday she was even worse…still just heavily congested and snotty. Around 11 am, she quit nursing…I tried a gain at 1pm, 3pm, and 7pm…she refused. She did however, eat solid foods and maybe drank about a tbsp. of water. She moaned most of the night and I had to go rock her at least 4 times. I even tried pumping and went in there with a cup and she refused. Usually she will take a sippy because she thinks its fun…oh no. So I rocked her for about 30 minutes and she passed out…I had to go in for the next 5 hours on the hour…finally at 1:00 I said you need to stay asleep..and I gave her some Levisin (helps fussy stomachs…and helps them sleep) she slept through the night and woke up at about 6:50…moaning. So I got her up and fed her, luckily she nursed well. Then I went to change her and for 12 hours, she still had a dry dipe. Not good. I called the nurse line and talked to the nurse and she said if she still hadn’t had a wet dipe in the next two hours to go straight to the ER. Two hours passed, it was time for a change, feeding, and a nap. I changed her, still not wet dipe…then I tried to feed her, she wouldn’t. So I went in the living room and told Michael to get his junk and we were going to the ER.

We dropped Ellers off at Michael’s parents house and went to the ER. OOf so much nastiness, luckily with an infant, you go back immediately. So they took her vitals and everything was good. At this point, Addison became very upset. We put her in a tiny tiny hospital gown…then they papoosed her down and ran an IV…they took blood to run tests and then gave her lots and lots of fluids. We waited for those to be absorbed and then they put a catheter in…she really didn’t like that part at all. They ran tests on her urine, and luckily she was wetting dipes left and right. All the tests came back good, it was just a bad virus. They wanted her to nurse before we could go home…and I was able to feed her after she woke up from a cat (had so much trauma that I passed out) nap. So basically she was dehydrated and exhausted. I was to give her pedialtye if she did it again.

She has continued to nurse well…and on Sunday, she seemed to perk back up to Addison standards.

So our last week of vacation was highly stressful, hadn’t planned on a trip to the ER with the little one…I am glad we are all getting better! Luckily it happened in 2011 and not in 2012, for our insurance purposes…so we went out with a bang!

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