Ella Kate…and her calling…and I lied.

So…I’ve talked about the camera I got earlier in the year. The camera also takes HD video as well and every time I used it, it would only record for 8 seconds and shut off. So I busted out the book and realized that I needed a different type of memory disk…of course. So I got one today and it’s going to hold a ridiculous amount of stuff…and so I decided to go through both my other camera cards and get the pictures off because the new one is going to be the main one. Anyway, who cares…

so I might have more posts than I thought!

Ella Kate had her Christmas ballet recital two weeks ago, I think. This kid was PUMPED. Her teachers talked to them about being on the big stage and all that. I talked with EK about it…because she gets so shy around new things and stuff like that. She was SO excited the day of the recital. She could not wait to get on stage.

Unfortunately, the night before, she woke up and complained about her ear…and did several weird things throughout the night. I went in at some point to take her potty and she was fine. Twenty minutes later, she was crying…I went in and she said her ear hurt…I gave her some Tylenol and told her there was nothing I could do until morning. About an hour later, I heard a crash, some scuffling, and some other weird stuff going on. I got up and walked to her room and noticed the hall Christmas trees were on…a couch pillow was in the hall, Addison’s sippy was outside her door along with a wet wash cloth. I went in the room and asked what the poo she was doing…and she said she was thirsty and that putting a wet rag on her ear made her feel better. Little kids are crazy. Anyhoo, she woke up the next morning without complaint…so I sent her to school…and I got a call right before her lunch about her crying about her ear. So I called the dr. and went and got her. Michael came home and took her to the dr…ear infection. So I told her it was up to her about the recital. She said oh yes, she wanted to go…so…

Pictures are totally out of order, I think they were suppose to bow at the end…she was the only one that did so!

Before the show!

They danced to “I got the Chicken Pox for Christmas,” too cute. She nailed it. Her teachers are off to the side, so that is why she is looking to the side. I was so proud of her…there were two more girls that did the whole performance. Many of them just kinda stood there. The audience was packed too! The only thing Ella Kate didn’t like, were the chicken pox drawn on her face. She couldn’t wait to get those off of her.

She resumes classes in January and they are going full out for a huge recital in May. It will be at the Germantown Performing Arts Center…and they will be doing both a tap and ballet dance.

I am pretty sure the reason why she wanted to quit gymnastics was because she was bored. Which I understand because it was the same thing every week. I think ballet challenges her, plus its good for her coordination.

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