Cousins and Christmas!

Last Saturday we had a Strachan lunch at my parents house. My dad’s sister and brother and their wives and kids came up from Corinth. I say kids, but my cousins are my parents age. Anyways, we had a good celebration and it was good to see everyone.

Afterwards the Hensarlings and Kerstings came over to our house for a get together…we ate tacos and made Christmas cookies and hung out! We also worked on a secret project that we are giving to our families for Christmas!

Here is Holly, Anna Claire, and Ella Kate working on the cookies!

Cousins…I like how Ella Kate has Addison in a choke hold. That kid has no desire in sitting…she has more drive to get up on her forearms and her knees. She might crawl before sitting.

more cookies!

Anna Claire and Ella Kate have been super busy this holiday season! They have been to see Santa, had breakfast with Santa, Zoo lights, and they might go to My Big Backyard tomorrow night. Ella Kate went and saw the Nutcracker as well. They also went to the Collierville Christmas Parade too! I can’t wait until Addison is big enough to stay up and go to these things too. Actually I can, she’s our last baby and I am taking her all in!

Next year we have big plans to go to Opryland to see all that. We opted out this year because Addison is just too young.

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