Thing 1 and Thing 2!

June 1st, 2011…I got a phone call from my dear friend Amanda…she took a pregnancy test…and it was positive! Yay!! We were sooo excited!! I remember the date because I said something like…yay we are pregnant at the same time! HA! I had Addison on the 3rd. I immediately told her Michael and I were doing a shower for them…if she still wanted a couple’s shower!

On June 30th…they found out they were having TWINS!!!

In August we decided to go ahead and set a date…and on August 24th, the day after her 30th birthday…she found out she was having a little boy, Dillon…and a little girl, Amelia!!

I toyed around with ideas…and then late one night in September…it came to me. Thing 1 and Thing 2…from the Cat and the Hat! One weekend I managed to find two hours to get out of the house and I went to Hobby Lobby to do some brainstorming…and I found it, and luckily, being so close to Christmas, they already had their Christmas decor out! So my whole inspiration for the theme were red and turquoise feathers. I also bought some red twirly sparkly things you put in decorations and things like that.

So I went home and played with a vase and some stone fillers…and it all fell into place from there!

Here are the invites I made.

and again my pictures come in at any order they please…some of the party feasting!

and the rest of the invites!
some party favors and the guest book (The Cat in the Hat) which we all signed!
more feasting…
the decor…

and more feasting!
dinner prep!

two of Michael’s hobbies…smokin and drinkin…no not really, that just sounded bad. He had two smokers going for the drunken chickens…and the two homebrews on ice!
and crazy Michael and Holly interrupting the Dodd’s!

We had an amazing turnout and they got a good bit of loot for the twins! I am so glad we got to hang out with our friends…as previously mentioned the times we get together are few and far between…most of us have kids of our own that keep us super busy! So that was the main reason for the couple’s shower!

I have officially retired my shower throwing days…and have now moved on to birthday parties! This was one of the most fun showers I have ever crafted up!! I hope the Kersting’s had an unforgettable night!

And a many thanks to my parents for letting us use their house! And also to my mama…for helping my with some of the wording on the invites, helping me with the tablescape, and helping with the diaper cake…and all the other stuff they did!! We totally could not have pulled this off at our house…not after Michael’s 30th birthday party adventure!

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