oh look out…a rare family photo…we have got to work on that! I have got to work on my outfits! I need to take a picture of my clothes…I have t-shirts, pullovers, jeans, stay at home mom pants, and maybe 2 nice shirts and sweaters for “special” outings such as church. It gets worse in the winter when I don’t leave the house for about a week…Michael will come in and ask…Are you going to change pajamas today…or what? Anyways…

Look at my Mama and my little baby! So sweet!

Mimi french-braided Ella Kate’s hair…which immediately made me want to rush out to Target and find pink sponge rollers and do her hair up like that. We use to do that to mine for cheer leading because they wanted us to look freakishly perky. I need to put that on my to do list…it would be fun to see how her hair takes to that.

Most of the time I have to wake Addison up from sleeping…but one day she was doing this when I came in to wake her. I love seeing that baby poke her tiny head up over the bumper to see what’s going on!

Ella Kate had a Thanksgiving feast at school before Thanksgiving. Ella Kate was SOOO excited about her feast…why?…because they gave her juice…and she drank soooo much juice that she didn’t eat much!…and why did she drink sooo much juice? Because we don’t offer juice at home. I was a big juice fan myself back in the day…and then I developed hypoglycemia (not because of said juice)…and every time I had some juice, I could feel it run through my body because of the sugar…I even watered it down, but I could still feel the effects of it. So I am not a juice fan because of that…and I watched something about trace amounts of arsenic found in apple juice (which was my fave).

Anyhoo, lots of background info on this post huh? The teachers came up with names for each of the kids…and this was EK’s
Princess Energizer and you can tell it is suitable just by the look on her face. I am unaware of the fact if this is a good name or a bad name?!

and last but not least…Addison Grace “That turkey looks terrible, but this pillow…divine!”

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