Bi-Polar Weather…and other things….

Maybe last week or the week before last week we had two snow-storms…yes storms because it was almost 3″ in my backyard. We woke up to a winter….wonderland! Never in my 32 years of life have I seen snow at Christmastime. The day before we got around 3 -4″ of rain…and then about 2-3″ of snow…Ella Kate wanted to go play in it and told her it was too wet. So we went out into the driveway.

Most of it was gone by late afternoon, but it sure was pretty!

Had to take a picture of the “White Christmas!”

Below is Addison’s most favorite toy…and mine too because she likes it so much!! It’s funny because it was only of Ella Kate’s most hated toys! Anyway…I took this picture because of EK’s outfit…she has had that tutu since she was probably 12 months old…it came with a pair of pj’s her Great Aunt Nell gave her…and she wears it daily…and I love that everyday…she pulls open that drawer, rips out that tutu…and puts it on. She is rocking her tutu, her organic pajamas from Costco, a coat, and rain boots…oh and a butterfly necklace that she calls her “pixie dust” from Jake and the Neverland Pirates! She usually looks like this if we don’t go anywhere for that day!

Our backyard. I took Addison out and let the snow hit her head…she would flinch.

Here is our first baby…Antioch…she is always asleep or hiding when the camera comes out…and I busted it out and there she sat…and there I snapped! She still looks like a little kitten!

I said bi-polar weather because the day before the snow it was almost 80!

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