A day in the life…

My pictures are going to be totally out of order for the month of December and November if you keep up with my flickr account for pictures…I am currently uploading around 300…excessive yes, but I take pictures of the kids daily pretty much. I have unlimited space on my flickr account and can get copies of all of them at any time. So yup, I upload a bunch…this month was excessive due to the Christmas photo shoot…and I deleted all the crazy ones…and kept all the good ones…and there are about 200!

Anyhoo…in the morning I get Ella Kate all set up with breakfast and then go get Addison up and feed her. When I finished with Addison, I went in to check on EK and found her like this…

totally mowing down her cheerios while rocking some sunglasses in the dining room!

Meanwhile I totally love waking Addison up with a camera flash…not really, but when I don’t use the flash, you can’t see her. We have blackout panels in her room and everything gets pretty dark…
Ella Kate is so absorbed into Christmas and Jesus and Santa this year. On the way home she looked over at Addison and said “Mom, Addison is baby Jesus, because she is a baby, and she is Jesus. I laughed. We would later go to church at Hope last Sunday and they have a manger set up in a courtyard. EK saw it and said we can put baby Addison in there and she can be Baby Jesus. Later, Michael commented on how funny it would be to put Addison in the manger and have us standing behind her, for our Christmas card. My family thinks weird thoughts.

Anyway, to the point, Ella Kate has been watching the stew out of some Christmas movies and shows…as previously mentioned we threw a huge shower for the Kerstings and I painted my nails red (haven’t painted them in probably 5 years) and she wanted me to paint hers…I told her I would do her toe nails…and here she is after she got her pedicure…watching the Elf on the Shelf.

Mimi got the girls these adorable reindeer antlers…EK put hers on Addison after dinner!

another waking up shot…

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