Ella Kate…isms

I could start a weekly topic on something very weird that Ella Kate does. My kids thrive on daily routines. I have no idea what I would do if they didn’t do so. Anyways, pretty much everything in our house has a spot…we get it out…we put it up, but really, it is okay is something is out of place, or isn’t suppose to be in that room etc.

The topic of the posts would be…Things Ella Kate puts outside her door, right when she goes to sleep. This is after we tuck her in. Someone usually walks by and will notice what is sitting right outside Ella Kate’s door. She doesn’t want certain objects in her room while she sleeps.

Certain books don’t belong in her room, or for some reason, she doesn’t want that book in her room. She slides them under the door.

Hair bands or clips…under the door. Bows are okay.

A kleenex, we have seen two…one was last week. I left an extra tissue in her room while she was sick and she put it outside her door.

Tags off of clothes.

Rings or random happy meal toys.

People’s shoes…Michael often leaves his shoes in her room, and she will put them outside the door. Two weeks ago it was his hat.

Antioch. Antioch has been shut in her room several times. If EK realizes she is in her room, she will SCREAM bloody murder. The first time I witnessed this I was in my bathroom, which is a good distance from her room and the monitor was off. My heart skipped a beat and I freaked out and ran in there and she said “Antioch is in my room!!” This traumatizes the cat. So every night when we tuck her in (she sleeps with the door cracked at night and closed during naps, because Mom is going to make a “ruckus”) she tells us to tell Antioch not to come in her room.

A doll she and I made for school fell off her closet door, and she put it out.

There are others, but those are sticking out for some reason…so I might post a topic every now and then when she does it.

Oh she likes to sleep with lights, like glowy fun lights from going to see Disney on ice etc. and my mom got her a pumpkin light and she was dying to sleep with it and we let her…apparently the batteries died at some point…I went in to take her potty and she had put it outside her door.

It is really quite hilarious!

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