Asthma update.

I am really going to level with you and let you know that having a child with asthma pretty much stinks. I know things could be 100% worse health-wise, but I do feel really bad for her. I have learned to accept it and realize that this is completely out of my hands and there is really absolutely nothing I can do about it…except administer her meds…and take care of my little maniac when she does have an attack.

She only had two attacks this year, which I don’t think is that bad. But we went for her check-up last Friday and that was two attacks too many. He is concerned about her taking the oral steroids (Orapred) and the side affects. He said that is two too many.

If you recall, she had that horrid perioral dermatitis starting around this time last year which went on into March. So I decided not to give her the Flovent anymore. She hadn’t had an attack in a while anyway. We met with her dr. again in January and he said we could just keep her on the Singulair and see how it goes.

It isn’t controlling her asthma…so he put her on a different, milder cortisosteroid. He also gave her another mask, as this medicine comes in an inhaler. We did it last night and we have named it her “puffers.” So we shall see how it goes…he would like to see her attack free for a longer period of time. She is to continue on with that and the Singulair.

She is such a trooper, but she gets really sad when she has the coughing spells with it and often ends in tears. She is also to continue on with the allergy shots, I think she has another year of maintenance shots and then she can go every two weeks instead of every week. The nurses at the shot office LOVE Ella Kate. They think she is so brave and getting her shots. She doesn’t mind them at all. I am sure she would rather not have a shot in the arm though. But, she does tense up right before the shot and wiggles her arm, two weeks ago she bent a freakin needle in her arm. Didn’t even cry…and the nurses and I will hold her still so that wouldn’t happen again. So I carry Addison in the dern car seat (I detest it) so I can hold her arm still.

Anyways, praying that she won’t have outbreak…and that this new medicine can prevent attacks!

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