I finished feeding Addison and found EK like this…
totally rockin her cheerios…

I got the ball popper out and put Addison in the bumbo and ….

She liked it!

Michael took a backflow inspection class last week. He was gone all day…and a good bit at night…he didn’t get home till 9:00, so the kids didn’t see him all week. It was my first go at putting both kids down by myself…and we did alright. I put both in the tub, Addison on her raft. It went well, and EK got a kick out of bathing with her sister…and requests it every night. Then I put a show on for EK and put Addison to bed…and then put EK down. Good stuff!!

Here is a random shot of me with straight hair. I don’t really get a “hair cut” more of a major hair thinning. They totally murder it and I still walk away with too much hair. The amount of hair left on the floor is absolutely ridiculous. But anyways, she likes to straighten it so she can see if things are even etc. So Michael took a picture.

Michael went out of town two weekends in a row…so I spent two weekends in a row at my parents house…check out Addison, rockin the sink…nice look huh?

Since starting school this year, Ella Kate’s imagination has sparked. I am totally loving this stage with her! She pretends play, thinks she is Minnie Mouse or Rapunzel, knows most of her letters, and draws pictures of her family…that look like this!
From left to right, Antioch, Ella Kate, Dad, Mom, and Addison. I taught her how to make stick figures…and these are hers. I love seeing them on paper..and her board.

Here is beauty queen Ella Kate…Papa wrapped her up in a blankie. She’s got the pose down!

Mimi and Big A!

Ella Kate came down with a bout of pneumonia and a pretty gnarly asthma attack last week and missed some days of school. This was my “view” from my desk (couch).

We also watched the gunite being sprayed into my parent’s new pool.

Ella Kate and her sassy-ness.

Big A!

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