Halloween Part 3

I am super duper behind on picture updating. I have been extremely busy gearing up for a shower for my bestie…and working around 50-60 hours a week…dealing with EK’s asthma/pneumonia…and an almost 5 month old who is deathly afraid of not being attached to me.

We started out at around 6…I had every intention of letting the girls stay out late (Addison not as late as EK)…we made it to oh 4 houses and Addison completely lost her mess. So I took her back to the house and put her to bed and Michael went on with EK. After Addison went to bed, I was to call Michael and I would go out with EK and he would stay at the house and give out candy…aka don’t let peeps ring our bell. I got finished with Addison and Michael and EK were home…EK was freezing so I bundled her up and off we went…till 8:45!!

Our neighborhood is nuts when it comes to Halloween. People blare crazy music, ride around on 4 wheelers hauling trailers of kids…golf carts are everywhere. Crazy. One house had holographic images, lasers, exceptionally loud music, and two kids with black spandex body suits…with no faces. The neighbors said they weren’t allowed to scare anyone under 4′ tall. So I told EK she didn’t have to go up there, but she wanted too. She asked where their faces were. We got candy, they told her how brave she was…and she high-tailed it out of there!

She had a BALL!!

Right before bath-time…checking out her loot…again.
Round…who knows!

Dalmatian Addison and Dad!
Mom and Addison
My kids!

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