Tiny Dancer!

You know one of the reasons why having a little girl is so much fun??? See below!!

They call these “twisties,” and Twisties are absolutely too cute. I ask Ella Kate to twisty around all types of things now! Last night I had her twisting around the tree in the front yard…waiting to go trick-er-treating!

Circle tap!

Tap dancing!

Beginning of doing her “twisties.”

She was getting it!

More twisty!


Galloping with the pumpkin stick!

Butterfly stretch!

I want to eat these cheeks!

As mentioned before, Ella Kate decided to quit gymnastics and try out ballet. She adores ballet. I am glad she likes something. She didn’t like soccer too much, and with the gymnastics, I think she got bored with it. Anyways, her ballet classes are closed door. We can’t see anything. They had a parent preview night last week and Addison and I went and watched her. They were soo cute!

We have found our “theme” for EK’s 4th birthday, she is having a ballerina party!!

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