Halloween Part 1

Ella Kate completely out did herself this Halloween. We have done so many Halloween activities for the month of October.

We started out at our church, with the Hope Fall Festival.

Ella Kate trying to ride a stuffed zebra.

Getting candy after playing a game.

Hopping their frogs to the lily pads. Oh and yes, you were suppose to wear your costume to this, so EK isn’t the weird one here!

Addison the dalmatian. Her outfit wasn’t really a costume, just a fleece onesie with ears and a hood…at 4 dollars the price was just right! Shortly after this picture she pitched a willy and I took her home to go to bed. Michael stayed out with EK!!

Both Anna Claire and Ella Kate had to be “rescued” out of this inflatable. You have to take your shoes off to get on them, and EK was wearing tights….well tights and inflatables = sliding toddler. We had to get a big kid to boost her over one of the walls…I eventually had to pick her out of where she is standing in this picture. As for Anna Claire, she disappeared in the inflatable. Holly had to actually get in the thing and look for her. She was found on the bottom, laid out, gripping her bow. Both kids made us laugh.

AC going down the slide.

EK sliding!

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