4 Months!!

Sad…sad…sad….sad….that I am now just getting to my baby’s 4 month update post.

Here are her stats!
Weight: 13 pounds even
Height: 24″

She is about 30th% for weight…and 75% for height…and I think 25% for head.

She looks good, we got the go ahead for food…she cried her eyes out at the shots 😦

So far she has tried rice cereal, avocado, sweet potato, and peas.

What she is up too:
Passes object from hand to hand
Stands (assisted)
Rolls over like a torpedo
Sleeps from 7-7
Takes 2-2 hour naps a day
Loves to watch EK.
Does not like being away from Mom or Dad
Holds head up at a 90 degree angle while on tummy
Is learning how to sit up
Belly laughs!!
Blows raspberries
Still likes her swing, jumperoo, and bouncer…especially the bouncer!

Here are part of her 4 month pictures! My friend Marilyn took some of her and us at the beginning of the month and I haven’t uploaded them yet! That is next on the to do list! So for now…here is my attempt at a “photo shoot.”

One of my faves!

Look at these big blues! I think she is keeping those big blues!

She makes this face all the time, it looks as if she is eating her lips….it makes me laugh when she does it!

Here is Antioch! She came in to see what we were doing!


I took a white sheet and draped it over the crib…I have no idea about lighting…but these are all natural lighting in these pictures.

I love this little girl!!

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