Random shots!

Random activities around our house on any given week…I have been working on teaching Ella Kate her letters. I moved her kitchen upstairs and her easel downstairs. I wish the chalk board was magnetic, but it isn’t. But I wrote Ella Kate’s name and told her to copy it and this is what she did.

She did a good job! She gets a little spastic on her E’s and puts too many lines on it. Her A’s look like H’s. She can’t figure out that they make a point. But hey…she is only 3! We have her point out various letters when we read her books. She knows many of the upper case letters and not so much the lower case letters. I have been trained to write in all caps as a landscape architect…and its hard to break that habit. I write in all caps all the time. So we are learning upper’s first.

Here is Addison rolling around on my bed.

The following picture is the tornado that its my house every day. Not good. A year or so ago I did a post about what your house looked like at that moment. Here is only one section, and its usually the worst. Check out all of Addison’s baby apparatus. Ella Kate likes to litter her toys around the pallet on the floor. (I am working on her keeping her toys away from the pallet because Addison will be mobile in a few months.) All the clutter on the couch is mine, work stuff. Last Saturday I had had enough. I gave EK her lunch. To get to her to give her lunch I had to move chairs, bouncers, and a bumbo. I called Michael in for a meeting…and we uncluttered. The bar in the kitchen is hardly ever clean. I put all my stuff up there to keep out of reach from Ella Kate. Ella Kate’s kitchen table has all of her “craft” activities out. Chairs are scattered around Addison’s jumperoo. Ella Kate likes to mock me and pull up a chair when Addison is jumping. I plan to do some rearranging of the toy trunk and EK’s kitchen table once we get a rug. Most of the kid’s toys go in the trunk, but they have exploded out of the trunk by late afternoon.

I tried to be on a two week rotation of keeping the house clean, but this week will be a record 4 if I can’t get to it. I usually like doing all the housework myself…but I am going to have to get Michael to help do some things too. I know I am a stay-at-home mom…but I am also a work-at-home mom. I need a maid. HA!

Look! Quick! Mimi is holding Addison and she is smiling!

Go State! Even though we are terrible!

I am currently caught up on all the pictures I have uploaded. Unfortch I have a ton more to upload. I got way behind on everything due to flowers and work…and life.

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