Priddy’s Farm

On a Friday, a couple of week’s ago, we took the kids to Priddy Farm to get pumpkins. Not too impressed with it…I like the one in Millington better. Wouldn’t recommend Priddy’s. But they did have a ton of picked pumpkins…and some staged pumpkins out in the field. They also had a ton of stuff for kids to play with. Not sure what is going on at that house…but we did have fun!

EK on a horsey.

The kid and I in front of the pirate ship.

Our new fave. thing to do with Addison…pretend that she is doing things, and take her picture. So here she is in the tire swing.

EK actually swinging.

EK and the pirate ship…I had to get ugly with some mean little pirates so they would let EK up the ship.

Me and my girls.

Ella Kate and Addison…Michael is right out side the left side of the shot…in case EK was finished.

Another pose for Addison…playing house.

EK and a big blue tractor!

McScruff and Addison.

EK was obsessed with little pumpkins.


We have a total of 5 pumpkins on the porch. I have never had 5 pumpkins. We got one from our CSA, we bought 3 at Priddy’s and a farmer came to EK ‘s school last week and brought each kid a pumpkin. I am going to try some pumpkin out on Addison and see how she likes it. The rest of the pumpkins will be used in some homebrew.

Addison is moving on to bigger and better foods. I started her on avocado last week and this week sweet potatoes. No trubs with any of them and she mowed them down. I already miss her breastfed poos.

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