More cousin action…

Well, I have found out that by having two, I will get to miss a lot of outings with EK, because big A…and her naps…and she is exclusively breastfed, and she screams at anyone but Michael, EK, or myself. So…


But she has a blast and tells me that she missed me and sometimes asks why I am not coming. Its short lived I know, but still kinda stinks!

Aunt Holly, Mimi, AC and EK went to go see the Lion King (in 3D) and EK absolutely freakin loves it! One of her “rewards” for keeping her pants dry at night was a “Big” Simba…Its rather large, but the price was cheap…so sold. She carries about a 2′ Simba almost everywhere. She requests the movie every Friday night…and requests the soundtrack every time in the car (slightly annoying) but I remembered every single word to each song. It was one of my faves as a kid too!

Mimi and Papa took AC and EK to Disney on Ice in September…Loved it.

Shirts by Mimi.

3D Glasses weren’t a huge hit. They took them off to watch the movie.

Those chiren love some popcorn!

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