Ella Kate’s big day!

For about two months I have been working with Ella Kate on her night time potty training. August was okay…she still wasn’t ready for big girl panties at night. She has been wearing pull-ups (night night panties) since she started potty training. As mentioned before, she is a heavy duty sleeper…and sleeps for about 12 hours straight. So September I really started on her and how gross it was to sleep in her own tee-tee and started talking up sleeping in panties…and she only had 3 slightly wet night night panties. I told her if she made it a whole month without wetting her night night pantie then we would do something special…and then she could wear panties to bed.

I take her to the bathroom twice before I go to sleep. Once right after Michael reads and says her prayers and after I sing to her…and the other at 9:00..so far it has been working.

So for her “reward” she got a slightly gigantic Simba from Walmart…and we took her to Incredible pizza to play games and well, eat pizza.

She loved it! In fact, we all loved it! I totally tarded out on skee-ball, one of my fave games to play! We got a bunch of tickets for the games and she traded them in for a slap bracelet, slinkie, and a paddle ball. I was totally pulling for a whoopie cushion but she said she wanted the paddle ball, which broke on the way home. Next time..whoopie cushion for sure!

If you have never been, go check it out! We had a blast! I might have to have one of EK’s birthday’s there when we start having bigger parties! I am on the look out for party places since we have to have it inside!

Dad and EK playing air hockey?

Motorcycle EK!

Airplane EK!

EK and a red car!

Had enough and took a nap!

Miniature merry go round!

Almost asleep!

Playing games!

I must mention on here that Michael says we had an America’s Funniest home video moment…they had this game that little sharks popped in and out of holes and you had to bop them on the head with a mallet thing…EK wasn’t bopping them hard enough so I took her hand and the mallet and started slamming them…I was getting a lot of points and EK looked up and said “MOM, LET GO OF MY HAND, YOU ARE HURTING ME!!” It was quite funny and I let go and got the highest score of the day! Ha!

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