The ferberization of Addison Grace!

Well, as of tomorrow night it will have been an entire week of sleep training for big A! We have not had to go in there to “soothe” her to sleep for 6 days now. Tonight was another weird night…for some reason we notice a change in her behavior on the weekend. I am not sure if it is because Michael is around the whole day or what…but she was definitely awake when I put her in her bed. She rolled right on to her side and sucked her thumb. I checked on her 10 minutes later and she was asleep. Things like that make me love my little baby that much more. Knowing that she can in fact go to sleep…by her big girl self. It is pretty amazing to watch these little alien things that come into your life…and turn into actual human beings. She still has pretty gnarly afternoons….and some pretty gnarly stranger anxiety. But man, that little girl is just amazing. I love going in at night and watching her sleep. I still do that to Ella Kate. I am soooo entirely lucky to have two healthy, beautiful, and amazing little girls. Michael and I are still in awe of it all…pretty much…I wonder if that feeling lasts our entire lifetime….

Here is big A…she enjoys rolling side to side and discovering toys that I have thrown on either side.

What? a ball and a book?

I will make them mine!

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