Rock and Romp!

I have been following a facebook page and a blog about Memphis’s Rock and Romp for well, several years. I have been waiting for one of their shows to fall into place of our schedule. Most of them started to early, or we had something going on. Last Saturday one fell into place, and it was near us. It was at the corn maze at the agricenter and we decided to go for it. It was fun! The music wasn’t my cup of tea…but it was fun to watch all the people and their kids. Ella Kate enjoyed having a picnic and playing with rocks. She got on a bounce house or two before she got flat out laid out by a big kid….who should have known better. She got knocked so hard that her bow flew out of her head.
Dad and Big A!
EK and big A!

Big A and her tongue!


Ek, EK and her crack, EK and her crack…and some rocks…
My two girls…and their mama!


This baby melts my heart!

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