Night 3

Saturday night went well…never heard from her.

Last night same thing…no peeps!

I am sure this isn’t the end…but it appears to be getting better. Her naps are a little better too.

We had quite a night last night…Aunt Sarah and Maggie and Annie are in town…they came over for some BBQ and the cousins had a BLAST! Annie’s third birthday is coming up soon and we got her a Cloud B Ladybug which was a HUGE hit! In addition to them visiting…we were in several tornado warnings…big bad storms rolled into town! We got the laundry room ready in case we needed to take cover. After the storms, we gave them baths in the big tub (master bath) and then we turned off all the lights and played with her new ladybug..and EK brought hers out and we had to ladybugs that lit up the room! These toys are super great for kids. Maggie, who is almost 18 months LOVED it! She will be getting one for Christmas!

I have a ton of pictures to post from their visit…but I gotta get some work done today!

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