Addison and zzzzzz’s

Here is our scenario:
Tuesday night…put Addison down at 7:15…didn’t hear a peep till 7:30 am.

Wednesday night…put Addison down at 7:15…hear lots of peeps at 8:30 pm. Michael went in 5 times to rock her so she would go back to sleep.

Thursday afternoon…I make the decision to go ahead and try some sleep training on her.

Thursday night…I put Addison down at 7:15…she woke up at 8:30 pm again. Michael waited 5 minutes…went in for a minute to calm her…she was even more pissed. He left…we waited 10 more minutes…Michael went in for a minute to calm her…she was a little bit more calm and even smiled at him….he left. More crying…this time we waited 15 minutes…and at 14 minutes, silence on the monitor. She went back to sleep..all by her big girl self. We didn’t pick her up or rock her. Yay. I have no idea how tonight will go.

Last night I was prepared to stay up a long time doing this…I didn’t want to go in before 9 because I didn’t want her crying to set off her food (me). So I pumped while Michael went in. She hasn’t had a night feeding since I have no idea…maybe 2 months? I gave in a couple of weekends ago because she was still up and I fed her…and she was still mad…so I said never again!

I read the Ferber book and it says it could take up to a week to notice a change. I am just hoping this works for her. It did on EK. Tonight we wait 10 minutes…and then go in. So we shall see how the sleep training works on her. Michael does sleep training…I do potty training…not sure who gets the good stick on that.

But yeah, she is basically waking up and wanting to be rocked…and well basically we are tired of it. Sure we love her little fuzzy head…and sure we will miss rocking her…but jeez…sleeping for almost an hour and a half and waking up crying to be rocked. No ma’am. We are done!

Here we are passed out in the jumperoo…right after dinner.

These are the only two pictures I took this week. Slacker. I was sick. I am gearing up for flowers in 6 business days.

Speaking of flowers. Mimi is officially unemployed by me when I do flowers…she would have three kids to look after…way too many, and she has to take kids to school…and three car seats won’t fit in her car. Our grower actually quit growing for the Stockyard and now works at Adsit. Crazy huh…so I have spoke with him and tried to get him to let me plant a week of flowers in one day. I can do it…cause I am that good with the flowers. So we are working out some kinks…our biggest concern is making sure they all get watered…that takes the longest. So what will happen with Addison and EK? Operation Dad. He will be working from home that one day…and filling in for me with the girls. I can’t WAIT to see what he thinks. He really has no idea! I have our routine down to a T now. I hope he is able to do everything! I have one pretty MAJOR concern…Addison is not taking a bottle. I am not sure what we are going to do with that. He tried for an hour and a half last Saturday. She only drank an ounce. So…since she has been on medicine for a while (I recently stopped all medication)…and she knows how to take medicine, I was thinking he could put the milk in a medicine dropper…she might take it that way.

I knew we would have trouble with bottles because of the way she rejects pacifiers. But I told Michael, if she is hungry, she will eat. He could also feed her cereal too.

Anyways…we start Tuesday, October 4th…I will definitely keep yall updated on how we all do!

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