Nom nom

Eh we are super close to being 4 months old…and I went ahead and started Addison on rice cereal…she has been watching me eat…so I thought sure why not, if it didn’t work, then I wouldn’t push it. I wanted to try this out before we do any type of sleep training on her…and its made a huge difference in her afternoon fussiness, but every other night she will wake up 15 – 30 – 45 minutes after I put her down…just to be rocked. So hoping we can nip that in the but. We have found that it is 10x worse if we go somewhere in the afternoon. Very frustrating. Anyways…she did well…she anticipates the spoon and mows it all down. I made her two helpings last night!

We had to switch out the bib…its a little big on her…I love these bibs though!

So BIG!!

Gimme gimme…I can see in no time flat…cheerios, pieces of chicken, peas, spaghetti…these little babies grow up too fast!

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