Mama’s sick this time….

and it ain’t no cup of tea. Thursday my throat was sore, Friday my head hurt, Friday night full blown sinus mess…same for Saturday…and Sunday it went to my chest…so Monday I went to the dr…and got a shot in my bum…that hurt like the dickens! My bum is still sore from that thing…it hurts to sit down. As I spent most of Sunday night coughing…on my umpteenth time to go into the bathroom…I noticed it was lightening…OH GREAT…now a thunderstorm. Ever since those big storms that we had in May…EK is afraid of thunder. I got back in bed and looked at the radar on my phone and just waited…waited for it to get closer..and then BAM!!! Big ole clap of thunder, EK immediately woke up and started crying and I got out of bed and ran to her room and she was running to our room and BAM…I laid that toddler flat out on the ground…good stuff! After we recovered from that, I got in her bed and tried to sleep. She kept poking me in the back and petting my face, hair, and arms…I told her I was going to bounce if she didn’t leave me alone. Its def. no fun taking care of the kiddos when the mama is sick. Boo.

I feel worlds better now, even though my bum is super sore.

Here are some pictures from last week!

Ella Kate has officially decided that she likes ballet tons better than gymnastics…so we dropped gymnastics a couple of weeks ago…check out this shirt that Mimi made her! Its her fave!!

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