Sick again….

Well not really, but kinda. Last Wednesday I woke Ellagator up at 9 for her usual trip to the potty before I go to bed, and I touched her back and it was super hot…like a firecracker. I put her back in bed and got the thermometer and she had a 104.5 degree temperature. Ooof. I dosed her up with Tylenol and she went on back to sleep…I began monitoring her every hour to see if it was going down any…at 10:00 it was 103.7…and I think at 11:00 it was 102.7…which is acceptable according to the pediatrician when she had the high fever back in the spring with her pneumonia. So I set my alarm and gave her more Tylenol and it was around 102 then. When she woke up in the morning it was 100 and later on a steady 99.9. So I kept her home from school…she seemed completely fine, her normal self…so we painted, went on walks, and played outside. It was rather weird!

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