Boo State!

As we know…Bulldogs lost to Auburn this past weekend! Michael had a race Saturday, so my mom wanted us to come over for the day. We packed up half the house, got dressed in our MSU gear and headed over to watch the game. We had fun even though we lost…and after naps we went to the Germantown Festival.

My Bulldog girls!

Waking up from her first nap in Mimi’s crib!

Mimi and Papa with the Bulldog girls…both of my parents went to State as well as Michael and I…for those who didn’t know. I have a story to tell later on big A as to why she is crying…

Ella Kate helped make (eat) brownies!

Addison sucked her thumb on Mimi.

Ella Kate played with play-doh.

Addison sucked her thumb on Mimi and watched the fan.

Addison sucked her thumb on Papa…and watched the fan.

Addison is doing a little bit better with her afternoon fits. She does way better at home when the moment strikes. For the past two times we have left to go to someone else’s house during her moments, no one can get her calmed down. Holly and Drew had Drew’s family in town over Labor Day and we had to LEAVE the house because for about 2 hours Addison was non-stop screaming…I couldn’t even do anything for her. So we made to go plates and headed home. Saturday at my parents house she did the same thing…we ate super fast and went home. I am 99.5% sure she is having some stranger anxiety…as soon as I give her to someone else she starts crying. Last night Mrs. Poole came over to help me out because Michael had an all afternoon/night meeting..and she picked Addison up and immediately started crying. I finished making dinner, ate, and took her from her and got her to quit. Later during bath times, Mrs. Poole held her again and bam…she started crying. No good.

Ella Kate had stranger anxiety for about 2 months, but I think it was more from 5-7 months.

So that is why she is crying in the picture with Mimi and Papa…she gets scared…so sad!

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