Afternoon play time

Since the weather has cooled down a tad…we have been spending most of our afternoons in the driveway or backyard. I am limited to what I can do with EK because I am usually holding big A or I have to keep an eye on her. Pretty much the only thing we can’t do is ride bikes. We do chalk, bubbles, dig in the dirt, look at our spiders, try and catch kittens, throw a Frisbee, play red light green light, pick flowers, look at clouds, and kick the soccer ball.

Speaking of red light green light…EK and Michael were racing each other and EK got super excited because whoever wins gets tickled…and she won…and she just dove straight on her knees…
needless to say…game over. THEN, the next day I was the one racing and she was sitting in her chair and when I got to her she anticipated being tickled and dove off her chair, on her knees…opening the wounds back up.

Needless to say that we are no longer playing red light green light on hard surfaces.

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