3 Months!

As of today we have ourselves a 3 month old in the house. What is she up too?

  • rolling over both ways
  • standing, she refuses to sit…she locks her knees and stands…you have to force her to sit.
  • babbling and cooing
  • wearing a size 1 diaper, 3 month clothes.
  • batting at objects with a closed fist still
  • sucking right thumb (not enough in my opinion)
  • napping around 2 hours in the morning and around 1 1/2 hours in the afternoon
  • throwing pretty good fits around dinner time
  • still has trouble going to sleep…I put her down and she is asleep and about 10 minutes later she is crying…Michael has to go in there about 4 times a night and she is usually asleep by 8:30…I am giving her 2 weeks and we are going to try some sleep training on her. If anyone has any advice about this type of situation..please do tell. Once she is asleep…she usually sleeps till 7 in the morning.
  • We used a bunch of cloth diapers on her this past week…I am waiting on one more to come in and make a decision as to what I like. 
  • Loves her jumperoo!
  • Enjoys being on her tummy. Ella Kate NEVER liked this! 
  • Will watch me from across the room and smile. 

I think thats about it!

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