Best Week Ever!!!

Due to the following:

Not a good week round this house. I noticed Sunday afternoon that Ella Kate’s voice had changed…I doped her up on some cough medicine that help prevent certain ailments…didn’t work…EK woke up screaming and crying at 1:00 am Monday morning…I ran in and she said she couldn’t breath (this is why I still have a monitor on in her room). I freaked out and gave her a breathing treatment (BT) and gave her some cough medicine, she also had a 102 fever…so Tylenol as well.. I slept in her bed for 2 hours and gave her another BT…I bailed out of her bed because she was going bonkers..and I knew I would be bonkers if I didn’t get to sleep.

She was responding to the BT but not as much as I would have liked. I monitored her for about 12 hours and decided to go in to the Dr. Michael took off work to take her…I didn’t want to take Addison…so he took her. The Dr. thought she was responding well to the BT and also gave her some steroids for her lungs (boo) and she got an antibiotic because she heard the velcro (pneumonia) in one of her lungs…so she wanted to make sure it didn’t turn out to full blown pneumonia.

So. EK has been out of school this week…she missed a huge day too…water day! So sad. Things have been interesting around my house…Addison is all off her “schedule” she hasn’t been napping but about 2 hours a day…(double boo). EK has been bonkers on her crack and speed (albuterol and steroids). I took a picture of what she did this morning…I haven’t uploaded it yet, but I was watching Addison in her jumperoo and looked over at the blinds and discovered that EK had put measuring spoons and a bracelet on the slats of the blinds, one of them is up so tall…I have no idea how she got it up there.

She hasn’t had a temp. in 24 hours, so back to school she will go tomorrow (yay!). Wow.

I am currently mad at the mama yard cat. I went out there Monday to retrieve rib bones and I didn’t bring anything else out there for them to eat and she hissed and swiped at me…she got my pants and I hissed at her and then told her she has messed up by doing that…no more food for the yard cats…they can move on. I want to be able to take the girls out in the yard when the weather finally cools down (not today…high of 98…gross). So they are on my bad list.

Onto bigger and better thing…Addison has been rolling over both ways a ton this week…I went in on Monday morning and couldn’t tell if she was on her stomach or her back…she was on her stomach sucking her thumb. I heard her holler at some point in the night and she went back to sleep..I bet that is when she rolled over. I remember EK doing that a couple of times, but I had to go in and flip her back over.

I found these cute rain boots on the today show last week…and EK needed some new rain/snow boots…here she is modeling them…they are Crocs and super cute!

Addison again…see, kinda hard to tell which way she is laying…

EK and the boots…post dr. trip.

Big A in her jumperoo, she is getting better at it…I have heard some squealing come out every now and then!

EK in time out…for spitting.

Chillin before movie night!

Big A with her tongue out!

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