Math and Me.

Yesterday, when I was feeding Addison…I decided to do some math. For those who know me, I am terrible at math and get a headache when it comes to thinking about math. I do find myself impressed with myself when I can do some math in my head…and rather fast at that. I know of a handful of times that Michael has been impressed with my quick response with math answers…and he gives me an awww look at you doing math look.

This post isn’t about math…but math was involved as I was feeding Addison.

I spend 2.25 hours a day feeding Addison.

Which got me thinking. I nursed Ella Kate for a year and a week. So if that is 2.25 hours a day…then I have spent 834.75 hours nursing Ella Kate…and I am hoping to do the same with Addison…if so…I will have spent 1,669.5 hours of my life feeding babies….so if there are 168 hours in a week…that equates to about 9.9375 weeks of my life that I had a baby on the boob.

That is a crazy thought.

I spend a lot of time feeding Addison and most always in her rocking chair by ourselves. I think about crazy things. Like how many hours I spend feeding her during the day. I can tell you how many spindles are on her crib on each side. I have always counted things in rooms for some reason. How many ceiling tiles, desks…etc. She has a total of 9 books in her room. She also has 6 outfits she can currently wear, she has 5 onesies she can wear during the day, and 5 sets of pj onesies. She has 2 dresses for church.

Another crazy thought…I only end nursing sessions on odd minutes. I have no idea why…but I do.

I might have too much time on my hands….WHILE nursing babies.

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