13 weeks!

Michael runs on Wednesday nights so I asked my mom to come over and help with the girls and eat dinner. EK goes to town with some book reading…she gets a little neglected in the book reading department…Addison won’t sit still and usually starts crying when we try and read books…

Here we are enjoying the gym!

Ella Kate right before her first ballet class! It was a little difficult for her (cried) because it is closed door…she can’t see me and I can’t see her. I wish they had a camera that would show them on TV so we could see…so that was a little hard on her. In gymnastics she can see me upstairs watching her…I am sure she will get over it soon.

I don’t know why I am fascinated with Addison and her thumb-sucking…I think because she is so tiny and doing it!

Ella Kate helping Dad make dinner. We try and include her in all food preparation. She loves to help! She is pounding some chicken!

Addison sporting EK’s hat from the circus!

more chicken pounding!

Addison waking up before church…this morning she was sucking her left thumb!

Standing…that is all Addison wants to do these days…stand. So last weekend I got down her jumperoo…no going to town yet, but I put her in for about 15 minutes at a time to get her use to it!

Ha! The previous two pictures look like her whole body!

More hat action!

Michael Poole:

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