Happy 30th Birthday Amanda!!!

Yay for my bestieAmandaPants turning a glorious 30 years old today!!

We hope you have had a wonderful birthday month!!

We invited the Kerstings over two weekends ago to celebrate her 30th birthday celebration…we dined on smoked drunken chicken, creamed corn from my parent’s stock pile, sweet and sour green beans, and tomato bread from our CSA. I made some sort of chocolatey creamy desert that just made my mouth water thinking about. We busted out the fine china and went to town! After dinner we talked about the good ole days and the days to come. Amanda and Mark are expecting TWO bundles of joy (TWINS!!) in February of next year! Then we decided to play scattegories and called it a night!

Here is the mom to be with Ms. Addison

Amanda’s goodies we got her!

The table set up!

Dad to be holding the no longer “little old man”

I am planning a couples baby shower for mid-November and I am dying to know the sexes of the twins so I can start planning away!! I know the Kerstings can’t wait to find out either!

I haven’t thrown a shower in a long time and am looking forward to planning this party! It’ll be radical!

The babies cooperated with us that night…Michael only had to go in twice…once for a rocking and the other time to shake the mattress. Good stuff..


Happy Birthday you ole toot!!

One thought on “Happy 30th Birthday Amanda!!!

  1. Woohoo!! Thanks for throwing me a lovely birthday dinner, all my goodies and for being such a rad friend! Love that word…rad. Anywho I'm old…yahoo. Can we have the shower now please?

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