12 Weeks! and 5 new additions to our deck!

12 weeks….but not three months yet! Oh I forgot how crazy all that sounds.

What has EK been doing this week? Playing hungry hungry hippos..puzzles…school…

Ella Kate has been potty trained for 1.5 years now…but still wears a pull-up at night. I have been working with her for a few weeks now on the night time training…Wednesday night she had a dry pull-up! Good for her….this morning she almost made it. I take her to potty before bed…and then wake her up at 9ish before I go to bed. I am still pumping at 9 for my stock pile of milk. Then she gets up in the morning and goes and goes back to her room to play or whatever she does until MoMo opens his eyes.

Hopefully she can get the hang of it and wear big girl undies soon. She is still a heavy sleeper. I went in at 9 last night and rearranged her body before I had to almost violently shake her to wake up. It was kinda funny to me!

What as Addison been up doing? Drooling…and making huge huge spit bubbles. Its her new fave thing to do and she is getting pretty good at it. See…

Not much else to report this week…oh the deck additions…here they are:

2 grey kittens, 2 black kittens, and 1 black mom cat have made their home under our deck. We have seen the black cat for a couple of weeks now…and apparently she thought it was a good idea to have her litter of kittens under our deck…and now we have 5 deck cats that are calling our yard home for the time being. They sure are cute…and they sure keep Ella Kate entertained…as well as us. Who knows if they will stay, I want to trap them and take them to a shelter…but they aren’t letting us near them…especially with a rowdy toddler!

So TBC on the deck cats…

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