You know those onesies or shirts that say…I make mommy smile, or mommy adores me, or daddys princess etc…I strongly dislike those because of the amount of cheese put into them…and for some reason or another…Addison always has one on when she is out of control…like tonight. She has been irate from about 5:30 till now…7:17. I told Michael as he was reading to EK and Addison was screaming her tiny head off…that she was wearing an I make mommy smile onesie. Make her mama wanna take it off and burn it!

She is getting better…I promise. I see somewhat of a routine starting to grow. I am cool with it. The object is to wearababyout…put her to bed. I can get her to sleep about 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at some point in the afternoon. She is getting older…doing more things…wearing herself out. I on the other hand am completely worn out around 3:00 p.m. Geesh!

Anyways…EK is still loving some school. We signed up for ballet and tap dancing lessons this past Saturday and she is extremely thrilled. We are going to give gymnastics and ballet a whirl until January to see which ones she likes best. My guess is ballet…but she might prove me wrong.


Here is my husband…isn’t he just cute!

Here is my new baby…I bought her her first very own toy…a mirror so she can see her beautiful self…or see herself when she is irate.

EK…movie night…Peter Pan…girl is all up in some pirates, tinkerbell, and peter pan!

Tiny dancer…


Halfway asleep on Dad.

I see this more and more often….thumb sucking…if only she could do it more like a pro…like EK…to help calm her when she is irate.

Ella Kate and one of her favorite past times….stringing beads!

I love these last pictures…yes, she is a little young for it….but she had a fine time…there is a smile behind the crotch bar!

Love this one especially!

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