Big Sis, Little Sis

Got the kids together this morning before we headed out to school…we are getting better now and posing together now that Addison is more infant like than blob of baby.

bath time baby! I love her little recliner…she is big pimpin in it!

Ella Kate decided to share her jewelry…

I love the expressions on both their faces…had to throw this one in…you can see some similarities!

What else…um yesterday 8/9/2011 Addison rolled over from back to front…all the way, she did however, get her arm stuck underneath it…but I counted it…went down in the baby book. So she is rolling from front to back and back to front. Way way earlier than EK did…she also slept from 7-5:30 last night (whoa) and I was afraid she wouldn’t go back to sleep but she did…and slept till 7:45…with a few squeaks in between. Naps are still frantic, but she did better today.

11 weeks tomorrow…Big Girl!

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