How lucky I am….

to be raising yet another one of God’s amazing creations…

Yeah I know…gotta get the girl her own chair for her monthly pictures…we will work on that! Thank you to the Beatties for the fun iron ons for Addison! Check out that crop of hair growing on her! I am so weary of her head touching things…I don’t want this new hair to fall out again…and she look like a rag a muffin…a cute one at that!

And as previously blogged about before, this girl hates a paci…and she has been sucking her fist…because that is all she does….closed tight fists…but she has relaxed her hand some this past week…and found this:

she sucked that thumb for a solid 10 minutes in her swing. So cute. I am sure I will hate it later…but if it helps her bring it…her mama mighta sucked her thumb till the 5th or 6th grade.

Here is lama lama helping with Addison in the morning…

2 month stats on Ms. Addison Grace:

Weight: 11 pounds 50%
Height: 22 3/4″ 75%
Head: 33 cm 25%

What can she do:
coo and talk
follow you across the room
recognizes mom’s voice
bat at objects
holds head up from a 45 to 90 degree angle
grasps hands together
rolls over from back to front…this has been achieved about 20 times
puts weight on legs for standing
loves to sit up (assisted)…can sit in her bumbo now (insert yay here)
is still exclusively breastfed…yay!
be as cute as can be!

falls asleep from 7-9 at night…I have been lucky and been pumping at 9 at night…gotta get ready for flowers! with EK I had to set an alarm and pumped at 11 for many months…
she will usually wake up from 12-2 for a feeding and then sleeps till 5-7. Depending on what time…if she wakes at 5 its for a feeding, followed by more sleep…if its at 7 for a feeding and up for the morning.

Naps are sporadic in the morning…anywhere from 8-9, 9-10, 10-11…and the afternoons are longer…12-3, 1-4 so still trying to hit a schedule…hopefully within the following months, we have to fit it to EK’s schedule…more than likely..I will pick EK up from preschool after lunch. They only allow for a 30 minute nap during the day, and that kid needs about a 2 – 2.5 hour nap…so hopefully I can get two kids to nap at the same time during the day. How nuts that would be for their mother. I told her new teachers that I thrive for schedules and naps…and I will do what I have to do for naps.

I thank God for her each and every night…even when I have to wake up and rock her for hours on end…they are only this small and needy for a short while…while I am on this earth….I will enjoy each and every moment….with both my girls. (It sure is weird trying to rock a 3.5 year old when they are sick)

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